Guitar lessons – Barcelona

Having taught guitar for many years to students of all ages and levels, I have come to basic conclusions about the feeling of “teaching how to play”.

When I come across different profiles who express desires, ambitions, talents and limitations in various forms. My “plan” is borne from the same relation between teacher and student, just like personal relationships in a unique way, where the success of the class is reflected in a mutual learning.

My main objective is that the student has fun, while I help them to clarify their objectives that they truly desire, (sometimes they are not so well defined at he beginning) and in this way bit by bit discoveries are made, but always within a framework of “enjoying the music” from the first note and sensation, independent of style or level.

Music is a practice with one objective, to enjoy.

It does not matter at what age a person starts the experience, it is more important to discover oneself in it, with a sincere attitude and a willingness to work.I give guitar classes at my recording studio in the Poble Sec neighbourhood of Barcelona.

It is a creative space, where I work on my productions and ideas. With my students, I try to stimulate them with the idea of recording, independently, from the level and experience that they have. I think the recording process in itself, is a good learning path and example, to grow and commit to the music.